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Has helped 100,000 patients nationwide recover faster with lower risk of post-op complications

Maintain optimal postoperative knee extension

Surgeon designed positioner that helps patients recover faster by achieving and maintaining terminal knee extension after joint replacement and ACL surgery.

  • Improve patient outcomes by returning to activities of daily living sooner
  • Reduce the cost and need of outpatient physical therapy
  • Decrease narcotic consumption by achieving full range of motion and shortening recovery time
  • Prevent external rotation of the hip and associated knee flexion

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The Zero Degree Knee was the perfect solution to help keep my patient’s leg extended after a TKR. It was strongly recommended by a colleague, and I noticed the difference in my patients’ recovery right away
Orthopaedic Surgeon from NY
Less Complications
Reduce likelihood of flexion contracture by elevating the foot and controlling rotation at the hip
Safe and Consistent
Eliminate the need of bulky, inconsistent, unstable bed pillows and other linens for positioning
Return to Everyday Activities
Speed up recovery by maximizing knee ROM and returning to pre-surgery activity
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