Innovating Together: Dr. Schopler & BoneFoam Collaboration

Working with clinicians  to address complex patient positioning challenges.

BoneFoam is passionate about identifying the most pressing patient positioning needs on a procedural level, and developing solutions to address those needs.


bonefoam process identify

Identify the most pressing needs within patient positioning​


bonefoam process invent

Invent solutions to address defined complex anatomical positioning challenges​


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Implement solutions through clinical research, training, and patient positioning education​

Dr. Schopler Case Study

Identify | Cervical Spine Positioning Challenges

dr schopler

Excerpts from Dr. Schopler’s Letter to BoneFoam.

Enclosed are my preliminary drawings for a patient positioner for anterior cervical spine surgery. Nowhere are towel bumps more ubiquitous than in cervical spine surgery. It typically takes at least 20 minutes of anesthesia time for this positioning to be completed, and another few minutes to take it down after the procedure. This time-wasting “dance” is similar for other spinal procedures as well. Your company is well positioned to re-imagine simple devices for the safe positioning of the patient for spinal surgery and I hope we can work together on such projects.

Invent | From Concept to Prototype

bonefoam process - invent 1
bonefoam process - invent 3
bonefoam process - invent 5
bonefoam process - invent 2
bonefoam process - invent 4
bonefoam process - invent 6

Implement | Bringing Consequential Solutions to Market

The Anterior Cervical Positioning System standardizes optimal anatomical positioning while enhancing radiographic visualization for ACDF procedures.

process Anterior Cervical Positioning System

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