Simple by design.
Designed with physicians.

BoneFoam provides simple patient positioning solutions for innovative surgical leaders in the OR and for patients at home to transform the standard of care.

Positioning Solutions

Joints & Sports

Enable the use of a standard OR table for Direct Anterior Hip procedures in your ASC. Help your patients achieve terminal knee extensions following total knee arthroplasty.
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Greatly simplify patient positioning with innovative solutions designed to optimize surgical site access, identification of anatomical landmarks and patient safety.
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The most-trusted airway management positioning system. Use the Troop Elevation Pillow for morbidly obese anesthesia cases to enhance patient safety and experience.
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Time is of the essence in emergency trauma situations. BoneFoam solutions enable quick, consistent and safe patient positioning while providing a stable operative platform.
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Utilize BoneFoam premium-quality solutions for use with supine, lateral decubitus and prone positioning for all surgeries. Plus, other simple solutions for OR efficiency.
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Each solution is simple by design and has been designed with physicians to help aid in effective recovery at home. Our goal is to help you get back doing the things you love.
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Simplified, standardized patient positioning.

Our original 15 foam positioners, now in wide use, simplified orthopaedic trauma surgery by enabling efficient and effective positioning that reduced variability, supported surgical access and patient safety. Our newest solutions are designed for procedural-specific Orthopaedic and Spine indications. By enabling these complex surgical procedures to be performed on a standard OR Table, we aim to further reduce OR complexity and cost.