Multipurpose Patient Positioning Devices

Solving Positioning Challenges Beyond Orthopaedics.

Manage obesity airway challenges with the Troop Elevation Pillow and quickly achieve the head elevated laryngoscopy position. In addition, consider using the BoneFoam positioning solutions to support the patient in the supine, lateral, or prone position for any surgery.

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BoneFoam Multipurpose Solutions

Lateral Decubitus Arm & Torso Stabilizer

Prevents the patient from rolling anteriorly and provides easy access to IV lines and other anesthesia leads.
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Universal Prone Positioning System

As surgical techniques evolve, the prone position is being used more frequently to facilitate surgical access.
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Dual Leg Support

Designed to position the legs, gently flex the knees, and reduce pressure on the heels during long procedures.
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Tray Topper

Designed so that you can position an extremity off the OR table for imaging, sterilizing, or ranging the extremity.
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Cylindrical Positioners

Enables quick and easy positioning of upper or lower extremities, providing greater support than rolled towels or blankets.
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Lateral Leg Bolster

Help maintain proper pelvic, hip, and low back alignment in the lateral position while protecting the bony prominences in the knee and ankle.
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