Lateral Upper Extremity Positioner


Innovative positioner designed to safely stabilize patient’s upper extremities in the lateral position. 

  • Adjustable design accommodates patients of all sizes & body types 
  • Low profile improves access to down arm during anesthesia 
  • Modular components simplify supine to lateral transition 
  • Padded post positioned over anterior deltoid stabilizes torso and upper extremity 

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Bone Foam Shark Lateral Positioner

Our new lateral positioner is a two-piece design that can be used to stabilize the patient in the lateral position for both upper and lower extremity cases. The unique modular bolster allows for the patient to be intubated in the supine position and transferred to the lateral position with ease. This maintains access to the down arm and vasculature throughout the case. 


  • Improved safety and stability with lateral positioning
  • Two-piece design for a smooth, fast, and safe transition to the lateral position
  • Adjustable to fit patients of all sizes and body types

Clinical Insights & Benefits

The design accommodates patients of all body types and can be adjusted to fit the physical demands of the patient and surgeon. The memory foam padded “post” safely stabilizes the patient in the lateral position while providing protection of neurovascular bundles over the anterior shoulder. The Shark is a universal positioner that is utilized in both upper and lower extremity cases utilizing the lateral position. 

Maximize Stability in the Lateral Position

Positioning of the arms in the lateral position with pillows and other linens often leads to repositioning and instability throughout the case as pillows are not able to maintain their shape. The Shark is a semi-ridgid positioner with a soft  memory foam surface that provides consistent and repeatable positioning of the upper extremities. 

Improve Vascular Access

The two-piece design allows for the patient to be intubated in the supine position and seamlessly transitioned to the lateral position without disrupting oral or upper extremity leads from anesthesia. The Shark eliminates the need of bulky, inconsistent pillows that fail to maintain stability and adequate positioning during the case. 

Reduce Injury Risk

The Shark is specifically designed to protect neurovascular bundles of the elbow and anterior shoulder. The memory foam padded “post” can be adjusted to comfortably fit over the anterior deltoid. The arm troughs are designed to protect the ulnar nerve at the elbow and to secure the upper extremities during upper and lower extremity procedures.