Upper Extremity Kit

Upper Extremity Kit

Take advantage of bundled upper extremity patient positioning kit for your operating room upper extremity positioning needs. This kit features varied size and positioning options to help provide patients with the best care every time.

Simple to store and have on hand, these solutions ensure that your surgeons and care team will have the positioner they need anytime. Avoid costly delays and wasted time by having the full kit available.

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Qty Catalog Number Product Description
1 925.RUEWS Upper Extremity Wedge - Right Small
1 925.RUEWL Upper Extremity Wedge - Right Large
1 925.LUEWS Upper Extremity Wedge - Left Small
1 925.LUEWL Upper Extremity Wedge - Left Large
1 925.UEBS Upper Extremity Block - Small
1 925.UEBL Upper Extremity Block - Large
1 925.ABD Chest Cradle - Disposable