Troop Elevation Pillow – Standard System

The Troop Elevation Pillow Standard System makes it easier to position the obese patient in a way which facilitates easier intubation as well as maintaining the airway intra-operatively, during emergence and even post-operatively in PACU. The Troop Elevation Pillow Standard System leads to better pre-oxygenation of the obese patient, better first pass intubation success, faster intubation, and faster anesthesia start times.

The Troop Elevation Pillow Standard System includes the Troop Elevation Pillow, Arm Board Pads, Head Cradle, and one box of Disposable Barrier Covers. The Standard System helps achieve the head elevated laryngoscopy position (H.E.L.P.) for obese and OSA patients.

  • Facilitate H.E.L.P. that can help avoid multiple intubation attempts
  • Reduce risk of surgery cancellation due to failed intubation
  • Decrease O.R. costs with quicker time to intubation, less intubation attempts, and quicker time to incision
  • Mitigate the risk for infection with disposable barrier covers. Failure to use the barrier covers will void the warranty
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Qty Catalog Number Product Description
1 Troop Elevation Pillow - Coated
1 10-910-07-C Elevated Surgical Arm Board Pads
1 10-910-02-C Head Cradle - Coated
1 10-910-03 Disposable Barrier Covers

Troop Elevation Pillow – Standard System

The Standard System is an airway management aid for obese patients that promotes head elevated laryngoscopy postition (H.E.L.P.). This system is used for obese patients up to 450 pounds.

The Standard System quickly achieves H.E.L.P. which facilitates airway management for obese patients. As patients have become more obese, multiple blanket stacks are not enough.  Blankets are time consuming, unstable, and yield unpredictable results. The Standard System gives the patient and provider the consistent and reproducible results to make intubation more efficient.

Better airway management can reduce hospital costs by avoiding unplanned ICU admissions, case cancellations, and the costs associated with wasted hospital supplies on a failed intubation. The Troop Elevation Pillow is currently referenced in five anesthesia textbooks and numerous national and international anesthesia articles.

  • H.E.L.P. improves line of sight and laryngoscopy view for the anesthesia medical professional
  • Disposable barrier covers help mitigate infection and prolong the lifespan of the Troop Elevation Pillow
  • Head cradle creates a consistent head position and helps to align the airway axes

Clinical Insights and Benefits 

The Troop Elevation Pillow Standard System facilitates airway management for obese/OSA patients by consistently achieving the head elevated laryngoscopy positioning (H.E.L.P.). H.E.L.P., which the head is visibly above the shoulder with horizontal alignment between the external auditory meatus and sternal notch, improves visualization during direct laryngoscopy compared to the sniffing position in obese patients. Other benefits include more efficient preoxygenation and easier bag-mask ventilation in obese patients.

For super morbidly obese patients (BMI greater than 50), the addition is utilized to achieve H.E.L.P.. This position is mutually beneficial to the patient and anesthesia medical provider as it facilitates successful 1st pass intubation for obese patients. This positioning technique compliments all forms of airway management – direct laryngoscopy, GlideScope, Airtraq, etc.

Traditionally, the ramped position has been achieved with an assortment of blankets stacked behind the patient. For today’s obese patients, blankets simply are not enough. Blankets become unstable and can shift position during intubation and throughout the case. The Troop Elevation Pillow Standard System offers an easy to use, simple, and yields a predictable result for positioning obese patients.

Troop Elevation Pillow for the Obese Patient

By facilitating H.E.L.P., The Troop Elevation Pillow Standard System improves the ease of breathing for the obese patient which leads to better pre-oxygenation levels. Improved respiratory mechanics can help reduce anxiety in obese patients preparing for surgery.

Troop Elevation Pillow for the Anesthesia Provider

The Troop Elevation Pillow Standard System helps to promote alignment of the upper airway axes of obese patients by ramping the torso and elevating the head. By aligning these axes, anesthesia providers can better manage airways of obese/OSA patients.

ESP – Easy, Stable, Predictable Results

The Troop Elevation Pillow Standard System is easy for the anesthesia provider to set up, a stable platform throughout the case, and yields a predictable positioning result regardless of patient size. The Troop Elevation Pillow can also be used as a surgical aid for ACDF, ENT, and thyroid procedures.

Additional Instructions for Use Resources

Troop Elevation Pillow Instructions for Use Translated into: Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Greek, German, French, Dutch

Troop Elevation Pillow Overview

The Troop Elevation Pillow is featured in anesthesia textbooks as well as numerous national and international publications. Watch to see how the Troop Elevation Pillow helps align the upper airway axes and facilitates successful first pass intubation.