Shark Special Kit

Upper extremity positioner designed to stabilize the arms while in the lateral decubitus position. The Shark is not an operative surface – it designed to efficiently and safely position the upper extremities while operating on the torso or lower extremities. Includes both Regular and Small sizes

  • Provides access to the down arm and other anesthesia leads throughout the case
  • Safely positions the patient’s upper extremities while in the lateral position
  • Radiolucent and maintains neutral shoulder alignment
  • Ideal for lateral spine procedures, lateral hip arthroplasty, lateral pelvic procedures, lateral lower extremity procedures
  • 925.SHARK is ideal for most adult males, 925.SHARK-SMALL is generally used for females and smaller frame individuals (children)

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Qty Catalog Number Product Description
1 Lateral Upper Extremity Positioner - Shark Regular
1 925.SHARK-S-WS Lateral Upper Extremity Positioner - Shark Small
1 Lateral Leg Bolster - Box of 5