Prone Positioner 2

The Ramp Prone Positioner 2

Safely positions bilateral lower extremities when working in the prone position. The two-piece, adjustable design supports both the operative and nonoperative leg.

  • Elevates the operative ankle above the contralateral side for clear imaging
  • The down leg is stabilized and protected with the integrated bolster
  • Easily switch laterality with adjustable design
  • Ideal for prone ORIF of distal tibia and ankle
  • Can be used with our custom sterile bags
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Bone Foam Prone Positioner 2

Our newly redesigned Prone Positioner gives the OR staff increased functionality when positioning the lower extremities in the prone position. The operative leg is raised above the contralateral leg providing clean imaging, while simultaneously cradling the down leg with an integrated bolster that protects the foot and ankle. The integrated bolster can slide out for use in the OR, and slide back for easy storage while not being used.

  • Elevates operative leg above contralateral
  • Protects soft tissue of contralateral leg with bolster
  • Radiolucent for C-arm imaging