Prone Foam – Universal Prone Solution

Universal Prone Solution

The Prone Foam – Universal Prone Solution is a versatile table-top solution that creates a stable operative surface for a variety of upper and lower body procedures. The Universal Prone Solution can help prevent pressure on the anterior chest, axilla, abdomen, and genitals. The novel two-piece design allows the device to flex with the table for procedures requiring table flexion.

  • Anatomic cut-outs help offload pressure of the breast tissue, abdomen, genitalia, and catheter leads
  • Longitudinal and lateral base channels accommodate catheters and other ventral leads
  • Designed for prone procedures across a multitude of subspecialties
  • Two-piece design allows concentric relationship between top and bottom portions to move with the table break
  • Must be used with standard head and neck support
  • Custom single use barrier covers help maintain lifespan of the solution and prevent cross contamination.


Intended to support and maintain the position of a patient during surgical and non-surgical procedures. Universal Prone Solution is intended to be used with Disposable Barrier Cover (925.UPS-DBC-BX20)
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Prone Foam – Universal Prone Solution

The Universal Prone Solution is an intraoperative positioner that aids in positioning the patient for various prone procedures, addressing the need for abdominal decompression, accommodation of the breasts, armpits, table breaks, urinary catheter and IV lines in a way that optimizes patient safety and clinical efficiency. 

The Universal Prone Solution helps bring repeatability, efficiency, and accuracy when positioning patients. The solution helps mitigate the need for time consuming and unreliable makeshift bumps.

The Universal Prone Solution should be covered with custom barrier covers to prolong the lifespan of the piece. The single use barrier covers will also help control cross contamination between patients. 

  • Elevates torso off operative table
  • Anatomic cut-out provide relief for breasts, abdomen, and genitalia
  • Two-piece design allows the table to flex as needed
  • Radiolucent for C-arm imaging

Clinical Insights and Benefits 

The Universal Prone Solution is specifically designed by physicians for physicians to address the most complex anatomical prone positioning challenges. Prone positioning for surgical patients creates patient safety and clinical efficiency challenges that are not fully addressed by current positioning methods.

A repeatable and reliable solution that helps to optimize surgical access and patient outcomes is required for prone positioning.

Potential complications attributed to inappropriate prone positioning:

  • Reduced cardiac index
  • Increased inferior vena caval pressures
  • Changes in lung capacity and volume
  • Diaphragmatic splinting
  • Poor spine alignment