Prone Pillow for COVID-19 Patients

Prone Foam Superior Support Pad

The Prone Pillow is a specialized upper body positioner that is designed to safely position patients in the prone position. It protects the head and face of the patient while cushioning the chest to flex the neck. This product is specifically designed to accommodate intubation tubes and other oral leads while a patient is face down. The Prone Pillow can be used for a variety of reasons, but it is especially beneficial for COVID-19 patients. Lying prone helps to improve lung function and can prevent further deterioration of the condition. The prone pillow makes it possible to comfortably maintain this position for an extended period of time. 

  • Protect the face, head, and anterior shoulders while in the prone position
  • Chest bolster elevates thorax and promotes gentle cervical flexion
  • Unique contours accommodate the head and neck when rotated to the side to help prevent cauliflower ear and other pressure injuries
  • Supportive, high-resiliency foam maintains its shape during prolonged use

Studies have shown placing patients in the prone position can help improve pulmonary function and respiratory mechanics.

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Bone Foam Prone Foam – Superior Support Pad

Clinical evidence has shown that positioning patients in the prone position has helped improve oxygenation and reduce mortality in patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Lying in the prone position creates space for lung expansion and can help increase oxygenation of blood.

The Superior Support Pad’s facial cutout is designed to accommodate the endotracheal tube in the face down position or turned to the side.  It comfortably protects the forehead and chin when the patient is face down and protects the ear when the head is turned to the side. The pad is made of a soft, open cell foam that allows the skin to breathe.  Our unique design addresses the many risks of prone positioning that patients are exposed to.

  • Elevates thorax and allows for gentle neck flexion
  • Does not obstruct endotracheal tubes and helps prevent ventilator induced lung injuries
  • Helps to mitigate risk of face, chin, or ear pressure injuries

Clinical Insights + Benefits of the Prone Pillow

The prone pillow is a positioner frequently utilized by pulmonologists and intensivists in critical care units. The unique design is ideal for patients on a ventilator or high-volume oxygen masks when suffering from ARDS or cystic fibrosis. Prone positioning can help reduce pressure on the lungs and improve respiratory mechanics and blood oxygenation.

Prone Foam simplifies the “proning” process and makes it easier for all hospital and critical care staff. Makeshift towel bumps are unreliable and shift overtime putting the patient at greater risk of developing a pressure sore. Our foam is skin friendly, radiolucent, and will maintain its shape over time. Additionally, using Prone Foam may reduce the amount of lifting and repositioning of patients which is ergonomically beneficial to hospital staff.

  • Elevates patient’s thorax and promotes gentle neck flexion
  • Simplifies the proning process which can help improves pulmonary function and respiratory mechanics.
  • Protect the high-risk areas of the face, ears, and anterior shoulders from pressure injuries with our comfortable, skin-friendly foam
  • Mitigate ventilator induced lung injuries by maintaining endotracheal tube position while face down or turned to the side

Prone Foam Demonstration