Post Op Leg Elevator for Patients


Provides our most basic option for post-operative leg elevation. It is made out of durable, open-cell foam to comfortably cradle the leg. It provides elevation above the heart for proper blood circulation and edema control. Ideal for patients with leg casts, post-trauma, or lower extremity surgical procedures.

  • Made with dense open-cell foam for stability with large and heavy casts.
  • Comfortable enough for overnight or prolonged use.
  • Lightweight for easy transport.
  • Designed for universal use with right and left extremities.
  • Durable foam that will last for many years.

Applicable Indications: Post-Operative Elevation, Pre-Operative Elevation, Post-Trauma Elevation, Leg Pain, Foot Pain, Edema, Varicose Vein, Spider Vein, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Leg Pain, Leg Fatigue, Sports Recovery, Edema, Swollen Feet, Swollen Legs, Diabetic Nerve Pain, Venous Insufficiency.

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