Post Op Leg Elevator for Patients


The ERLE provides an excellent method for post-operative leg elevation. It is made out of durable, open-cell foam to comfortably cradle the leg. It provides leg elevation above the heart for proper blood circulation and edema control. The ERLE Ideal for patients with leg casts, post-trauma, or lower extremity surgical procedures.

  • Made with dense open-cell foam for stability with large and heavy casts.
  • Comfortable enough for overnight or prolonged use.
  • Lightweight for easy transport.
  • Designed for universal use with right and left extremities.
  • Durable foam that will last for many years.

Applicable Indications: Post-Operative Elevation, Pre-Operative Elevation, Post-Trauma Elevation, Leg Pain, Foot Pain, Edema, Varicose Vein, Spider Vein, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Leg Pain, Leg Fatigue, Sports Recovery, Edema, Swollen Feet, Swollen Legs, Diabetic Nerve Pain, Venous Insufficiency.

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Benefits of the Edema Reduction Leg Elevator

When recovering after surgery, positioning and elevation are critical factors in getting patients back on their feet. The ERLE provides a comfortable option for post-operative leg elevation. It is constructed from durable, open-cell foam to comfortably cradle the leg. It provides elevation above the heart for proper blood circulation and edema control. Ideal for patients with leg casts, post-trauma, or lower extremity surgical procedures.

Leg elevation has been recommended for generations to reduce edema and heal numerous injuries or ailments. When your legs are elevated the hydrostatic pressure decreases and the net movement of fluid goes back to the capillaries that allows fluid to be reabsorbed. We can use gravity to increase venous flow back to the heart, lower venous pressure and that lessens pain. Notable benefits of leg elevation can also be found in our Edema Reduction Leg Elevators:

A)  Stabilizes the entire leg

B) Effectively control your edema

C) Speed up recovery time

D)  Can reduce pain medication consumption

Edema Reduction Leg Elevator Home Care Procedures

The Edema Reduction Leg Elevator is one of our most widely applicable positioners, as it is useful for any indication requiring lower extremity elevation.  Its unique design has been shown to significantly reduce and control edema before and after any foot or ankle surgery, a sports injury, ankle or leg swelling, diabetic foot.  Controlling edema and reducing swelling is the first step to reducing pain.

The purpose of the ERLE is to provide you with a robust product that can be used in many different scenarios from twisting your ankle to a full surgery recovery.  This product is ideal for any recovery by allowing you to conveniently elevate your leg. Never prop your legs up on an unstable bed pillows again!

1 – The lower extremity is positioned above the heart, to lower the hydrostatic pressure in your legs.

2 – Knees are bent to provide a more comfortable position. Bent knees will relax your tendons.

3 – Having knees straight is not an ideal position to achieve elevation, as this could cause kinking of your veins against your bones that could cause blood flow obstruction pain.

4 – The lower leg (knee to ankle) is tilted on an angle to allow gravity to naturally help with blood flow.

5 – Cradling the lower leg in the elevator is ideal if you happen to fall asleep, as your leg does not fall off the cushion.

Stabilizes the Entire Leg

Mitigating any sort of risk will be essential to a proper recovery.  Pillows, towels and other makeshift household tools can cause major setbacks  to your goals by increasing risk for unstable surfaces and unexpected shifting of the leg or a potential fall. A stable solution for all exercises during your rehab should be prioritized.  Placing pillows or towels underneath your leg can result in set-backs. Keeping your leg as stable as possible is ideal, and having the right tools in place can yield a better outcome.

Effectively Control your Edema

Elevating extremities after surgery or a minor trauma will greatly decrease swelling.  Being consistent with elevating your leg above your heart is vital to decreasing the edema that is caused by pain.  Coupling consistent elevation with icing will reduce your swelling and overall pain. Having a dedicated, stable positioner gives you the ability to be  more consistent in your road to recovery.

Speed Up Recovery Time

Range of motion progress is dependent on reducing your edema, and having a dedicated elevation practice is important. With consistency, you will leave behind stiffness, soreness and immobility.  A product designed specifically for these goals like the ERLE will give you the tools to succeed during your recovery and speed up the process.

Reduce Pain Medication Consumption

Taking proper steps in your recovery by using a dedicated tool for intended exercises to regain range of motion and controlling edema, will speed up recovery time and may result in less pain medication consumption.