Leg Elevator

The Ramp

The Ramp leg elevator is a versatile positioning device that creates a stable and elevated operative surface for a variety of lower extremity procedures. The Ramp allows all members of the OR staff to position patients accurately and consistently. This preserves valuable OR time and prevents intraoperative complications.

  • Consistent and accurate patient positioning by all OR staff members
  • Ideal for multiple lower extremity procedures including: ORIF of the tibia, ankle, midfoot, and forefoot fractures
  • Multiple designs and sizing options to optimize positioning for adult, pediatric, and prone procedures
  • All Ramps are radiolucent and elevate the operative extremity above the contralateral leg to provide clearance for intraoperative C-Arm imaging
The difference between the Adult and Surgery Center sizes, is the Surgery Center is designed for facilities that use the mini c-arm, and is 2 inches lower in height compared to the Adult size. The Adult size is used in most hospitals.
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Bone Foam Ramp Leg Elevator

Bone Foam’s Ramp family of positioners are designed to provide a soft, safe, and stable operating surface for all procedures below the knee. The shape of The Ramp leg elevator elevates the operative extremity to eliminate artifact from the contralateral leg and OR table.

Using this leg elevator for lower extremity procedures allows for nurses, PA’s, surgical techs, and other operating staff members to position patients with consistency and accuracy. This preserves valuable OR time lowers the risk of intraoperative injury caused by inadequate positioning.

The Ramp leg elevator is covered with a protective vinyl coating that makes it easy to disinfect for repeated use. The Ramp is lightweight, easy to store, and can be used with Bone Foam Custom Sterile Bags.

Example Product Callout
  • Raises leg above contralateral extremity
  • Soft, stable, and safe operative surface
  • Radiolucent for C-arm imaging

Clinical Insights and Benefits of the Leg Elevator 

Our patient positioning solutions are a robust way to transform the positioning of patients for each case. One of the challenges of positioning patients for surgery, is ensuring that anatomical landmarks are consistent from case to case. We have partnered with orthopedic surgeons to design each piece, and have ensured the precise angles and measurements are ideal for each surgery. 

The Ramp saves valuable OR time by making it easy for all operating room staff to position the patient consistently and efficiently. You can use The Ramp leg elevator for ankle fractures, pilon fractures, calcaneus fractures, and foot fractures.  It is a non-sterile piece that can be used in conjunction with our Custom Sterile Bags, that are designed specifically to fit the Ramp.  You can also use under the sterile drapes.   

  • Radiolucent for easy imaging
  • Saves approximately 15 minutes per case with positioning and draping
  • Creates a soft and stable operating surface that is easy to sterilize for repeated use


Radiolucent for easy imaging

Our foam is radiolucent and does not leave artifact during imaging.  Using Bone Foam positioning systems, imaging is no longer complicated or hard to achieve.  Our radiolucent foam keeps the down leg off-set from the operative limb to achieve a clear final image.

Saves approximately 15 minutes per case

Using a consistent and effective method of positioning can save you valuable minutes in the OR.  Bundling, stacking and positioning towels can be burdensome and extremely repetitive when preparing for a case. This can make it challenging for OR personnel to be consistent with the positioning of the patient from case to case.  By using a positioning method that is specifically designed for each case and has precise angles and measurements, you are eliminating inadequate positioning and ensuring anatomical landmarks are consistent. 

Creates a soft and stable operating surface

The Ramp leg elevator is composed of a coated, open-cell foam that is soft and safe for the patient. This greatly reduces the risk of pressure sores and injuries related to improper positioning and the use of tape, towels, and linens. Additionally, the specialized foam leg elevator is resilient and stable which provides an ideal operative surface for the surgeon. The coating makes the positioner easy to wipe down with disinfectant spray for repetitive use, similar to how the operating table is cleaned after a procedure. 

Lower Extremity Leg Ramp

See how easy it is to position patients using the leg elevator, most commonly used for injuries or fractures below the thigh.
The leg Elevator helps me save time by positioning and stabilizing the operative leg above the nonoperative leg so lateral C-Arm Imaging is consistent and fast.