Leg Elevator

The Ramp

Save time with The Ramp while positioning and imaging the operative leg for a variety of fractures.

  • Consistent and fast positioning every time
  • Used for ORIF of tibia, ankle, mid-foot and forefoot fractures
  • Variety of options including Adult, Pediatric, Prone Positioner, and Surgery Center ramp
  • Can be used with Bone Foam Custom Sterile Bags
The difference between the Adult and Surgery Center sizes, is the Surgery Center is designed for facilities that use the mini c-arm, and is 2 inches lower in height compared to the Adult size. The Adult size is used in most hospitals.
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Example Product Callout
  • Raises leg above contralateral
  • Stable working platform
  • Radiolucent for C-arm imaging
The leg Elevator helps me save time by positioning and stabilizing the operative leg above the nonoperative leg so lateral C-Arm Imaging is consistent and fast.

Lower Extremity Leg Ramp

See how easy it is to position patients using the leg elevator, most commonly used for injuries or fractures below the thigh.