Lateral Leg Bolster


The uniquely designed bolster has two specialized cutouts that allows the positioner to bend with the knee to varying angles while protecting bony prominences of the ankle and knee. 

  •     Improves pelvic, hip, and low back alignment in the lateral position
  •     Innovative design and specialized cutouts allow the knees to bend to a desired angle
  •     Specialized contour cradles the legs and protects bony prominences of knees and ankles
  •     Improved stability and consistent positioning throughout each case
  •     Eliminates need for bulky, inconsistent pillows that easily shift during surgery


Bone Foam Lateral Leg Bolster

The Lateral Leg Bolster is a safe, stable, and consistent solution to lateral positioning. The high resiliency foam maintains its shape and stability throughout the case and comfortably aligns the low back, pelvis, and hips. Save valuable OR time by eliminating the use of bulky, inconsistent linens and repositioning. 


  • Prevent intraoperative injury by aligning hips, pelvis and low back
  • Protect bony prominences of knees and ankle
  • Reduce set-up time with one positioner and eliminate the need for unreliable towel bumps

Clinical Insights & Benefits

The Lateral Leg Bolster is a universal positioner that can be used in upper and lower extremity procedures. The specialized cut-out allows the knees to bend to a desired angle to rest comfortably for long cases. The proximal aspect of the bolster is shaped to accommodate the groin region and to comfortably stabilize the legs. Keeping the hips in a neutral position improves the alignment of the pelvis and low back. 

Prevent Intraoperative Injury

The Lateral Leg Bolster maintains a comfortable and sustainable hip position that reduces the risk of developing low back pain during a procedure. The length of the Lateral Leg Bolster protects bony prominence from the knees down to the ankles. 

Save Valuable OR Time

The Lateral Leg Bolster is a simple positioner that is easy for all OR staff to use. The Lateral Leg Bolster makes positioning the lower extremities simple, safe, and repeatable. 

Eliminate Unreliable Towel Bumps

The Lateral Leg Bolster is made of a high resiliency foam that maintains its shape throughout the case.  This eliminates the need to bulky linens and the need to reposition.