Knee Extension

Zero Degree Knee

The Zero Degree Knee was created by a total knee arthroplasty surgeon that spend years trying to use pillows, blankets, or other solutions to maintain post-op extension. Makeshift solutions for post-op recovery did not adequately prevent internal rotation of the foot or support full extension of the knee. The Zero Degree Knee solves those issues.

  • Zero Degree Knee enhances patient recovery by providing knee extension therapy
  • Help your patients recover faster and reduce chances of post-op complications


  • Elevates the heel creating free space posterior to the knee allowing full knee extension
  • Maintains a neutral position with toes pointed upward
  • Prevents external rotation of the foot, eliminating flexion at the knee
A surgeon prescribed the Zero Degree Knee for several patients and I couldn’t believe how well it improved leg extension. The Zero Degree Knee greatly decreased time to full extension, while maintaining a vertical foot position. I am extremely pleased with this product! I would recommend this to every therapist having trouble getting zero degrees of knee extension. This is a great product that really works.