Knee Extension for Patients

Zero Degree Knee

The Zero Degree Knee is a surgeon designed foam cushion that creates the optimal knee extension needed following a total knee replacement, arthroscopic knee surgery or ACL surgery.  It is used by knee surgeons across the country to ensure their patients are in the right position to achieve full knee extension, while also providing the precise leg, knee, ankle and toe position angles needed to start a successful recovery.

  • Elevates the heel to create adequate space, to allow for full knee extension.
  • Keeps the toes pointed toward the ceiling in a neutral position.
  • Prevents external rotation of the foot, which helps keep knee straight and not bent.
  • Provides increased stability of the knee.
  • Lightweight for easy transport.
  • Designed for universal use with right and left extremities.
  • Durable foam that will last for many years.

Applicable Indications: Knee Replacement Recovery, ACL/MCL Recovery.

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Benefits of the Zero Degree Knee

The Zero Degree Knee eliminates the use of pillows, blankets, or other solutions to maintain post-op extension. Makeshift solutions for post-op recovery do not adequately prevent internal rotation of the foot or support full extension of the knee.  The Zero Degree Knee was designed by a surgeon who was having trouble maintaining optimal postop knee extension. We solved this problem by developing a foam cushion that creates a consistent option the optimal knee extension needed following a total knee replacement, arthroscopic knee surgery or ACL surgery.

Our solution is now used by thousands of patients across the country, and integrated into postop instructions by knee surgeons to ensure their patients experience the precise leg, knee, ankle and toe position angles needed to start a successful recovery. It also reduces the need to use  unstable and unreliable solutions patients make on their own using pillows or towels to prop their limbs up, The Zero Degree Knee adds more stability and consistency to their recovery. Implementing the Zero Degree Knee into your as part of your in-home rehab is critical to reducing pain and getting back to their everyday activities.

A) Increases the stability of your knee during the critical days after knee surgery.

B) You never have to rehab with unstable bed pillows again.

C) Simplifies the your rehab with a consistent and stable surface

D) May help with faster knee replacement recovery time and reduce the chance of post-op complications.

ZDK Home Care Procedures and Insights

The Zero Degree Knee can be useful following several types of knee surgery.  Its unique design has been shown to significantly aid in the successful recovery from total knee arthroscopy, knee replacement, ACL reconstruction, and other knee surgeries.

The purpose of the Zero Degree Knee is to prevent internal rotation of the foot and consistently allow for full extension of the knee. This process has the following benefits:

1) Maximize post-recovery range of motion

2) Speed up recovery time

3) Stabilize knee during rehab

4) Can reduce pain medication consumption

Maximize Range of Motion

By placing the knee in extension in the days following surgery, you are on the right path to regaining full range of motion.  The faster you regain range of motion after surgery, the faster you will be back on your feet fully recovered. Failure to practice extension within the first few weeks of recovery, could cause a setback in throughout recovery and cause long-term adverse effects to the knee.  Gaining back your full range of motion is part of the road to recovery, it doesn’t happen overnight, and you must use the Zero Degree Knee to provide proper alignment and healing.

Speed Recovery Time

Measurements of  extension and flexion are key metrics in determining how fast you are regaining normal movement.  With a dedicated knee extension practice in place, you will leave behind stiffness, soreness and immobility.  A product designed specifically to help you reach your goals like the Zero Degree Knee will give you the tools to succeed throughout the recovery and speed up the process.

Stabilize the Knee During Rehab

Mitigating any sort of risk while you recover at home will be essential to a proper recovery.  Pillows, towels and other makeshift household tools can cause major setbacks in your recovery process by increasing risk for unstable surfaces and unexpected bending of the knee or a potential fall. A stable solution for all exercises during rehab should be prioritized.  Placing pillows are towels underneath the knee can result in set-backs, keeping the knee as straight as possible is ideal.

Reduce Pain Medication Consumption

Having a major surgery is scary, and painful, which often opens the door to using pain medication.  Using prescription drugs can help ease the immense amount of pain, but it’s no secret that they can also have the serious adverse effects of addiction. Taking proper steps to your recovery by doing intended exercises to regain range of motion, and getting knee extension back to zero degrees, will speed up your recovery time resulting in less pain medication consumption.