Irrigation & Debridement

The Gully

The Gully offers a faster, safer, and cleaner approach to washouts. When looking for a patient positioning solution for irrigation and debridement (I&D), the primary focus is safe support for unstable fractures but the Gully offers that and much more.

The Gully fluid dam and suction drain blocks all fluids coming down the watershed, directs fluids into the drain which connects to a standard OR suction hose.

Can be used for upper and lower extremity fractures. Indications include: hand, forearm, elbow, foot and ankle, mid-shaft tibial fracture, and knee washouts.


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  • The innovative design helps control contamination during washout procedures
  • Offers closed fluid collection system
  • Designed for low and high flow
  • Inexpensive option thanks to disposable bags

Gully Prep Technique

Review the simple sterile preparation and use guidelines for the Gully.

Gully Surgical Technique

Learn more about the safe, clean irrigation and debriedment option from Bone Foam.