Disposable Barrier Covers

The Disposable Barrier Covers create a surface that mitigates the risk of infection and provides an extra layer of patient comfort. The Barrier Covers keep the Troop Elevation Pillow clean from droplets, fluids, and direct patient contact.

  • Prolongs the life of the Troop Elevation Pillow and addition
  • Helps reduce the risk of infection and cross contamination
  • Easy to use with custom fit


Disposable barrier covers are single patient use items that should be discarded after each use. The Troop Elevation Pillow must be used with the Barrier Covers. Failure to use the Barrier Covers voids the warranty of the product.

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  • Impermeable barrier cover protects the Troop Elevation Pillow from fluids
  • Prolongs life of Troop Elevation Pillow
  • Simple to apply with a custom fit design

Troop Elevation Pillow Overview

The Troop Elevation Pillow is featured in anesthesia textbooks as well as numerous national and international publications. Watch to see how the Troop Elevation Pillow helps align the upper airway axes and facilitates successful first pass intubation.