Direct Anterior Hip Positioning System


New tabletop system simplifies patient positioning for anterior hip replacement on any operative table.

  • Consistent, repeatable, and stable pelvic positioning easily mastered by all OR staff
  • Reusable, postless design mitigates perineum injury risk during distraction
  • Increase surgical access to the acetabulum with removable hip bolster
  • Decrease OR prep time with an efficient method for patient positioning

Patent Pending

Hippy Base Package: 925.Hippy-TB (Torso Base), 2 925.Hippy-HB (Hip Bolsters), 2 925.TS (Table Straps), 1 Free sample of 925.SAS (Single Arm Support)

Hippy Lower Extremity Package: 925.Hippy-LB (Leg Board), 2 925.PPBP-L (Large Pegs), 2 925.PPBP-S (Small Pegs), 2 925.TS (Table Straps)

Hippy Complete System: Hippy Base Package + Hippy Lower Extremity Package

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Bone Foam Direct Anterior Hip Positioning System

The Hippy is an innovative tabletop system that consistently and accurately positions patients for anterior hip arthroplasty. The postless design reduces injury risk to the perineum while stabilizing the pelvis and torso. The Hippy has bilateral removable hip bolsters which improves surgical access to the acetabulum and creates a stable pelvis for cup impaction. Memory foam padding and the base contour safely cradles and stabilizes the patient throughout the case.

  • Postless design provides counter traction without the use of a post
  • Improve pelvic stability for patients of all sizes
  • Removable bolsters maximize surgical site access
  • Option to elevate nonoperative leg with Bone Foam Mayo Band

Clinical Insights & Benefits

Anterior hip trends suggest from 2009-2018, the use of DA THA approach increased by 28%, while posterior approach decreased by 18%. Specialized tables can be very expensive and often create storage challenges for hospitals and clinics. The Hippy tabletop system can be used on any operating table and is easily cleaned and stored for repeated use. Proper positioning for anterior hip replacement is critical to create ideal operating conditions and operative site access. The Hippy provides a simple and safe solution to complex anterior hip positioning.

Save Valuable OR Time

Current positioning strategies rely on multiple OR staff members positioning the patient with unreliable, bulky towel bumps, tape, blankets, and other linens. This often leads to inconsistencies between each case which can alter the position of anatomical landmarks and alignment. The Hippy is an efficient and consistent method of positioning the patient for anterior hip procedures while preserving valuable OR time and maximizing patient safety.

Reduce the Risk of Intraoperative Injury

The Hippy’s postless design allows the surgeon to apply traction to the lower extremities without risking injury to the perineum. The base piece of the Hippy has specialized, deep contours that stabilize the patient from the shoulders to the hips.

Improve Surgical Site Access

One challenge of using a regular operating table to perform a direct anterior hip replacement, is getting the appropriate access to the acetabulum and femur. Our two-piece design utilizes removable hip bolsters which create more access to the acetabulum and proximal femur. The distal end of the table is dropped to extend the hip and provides the appropriate vector to broach the femur.

"Preparation is faster and safer, and the entire case is more reproducible using The Hippy" - Andrew Battenberg, MD, Kaiser Permanente, Vacaville, CA