Anterior Cervical Positioning System


Nextend optimizes cervical spine positioning for anterior procedures while providing a safe and stable operative surface.

  •     Consistent and repeatable patient positioning 
  •     Lower the likelihood of injury by protecting soft tissues with integrated padding
  •     Reduce set-up time with our 3-piece positioning system
  •     Improved vascular access for anesthesiology without the need for sheets to restrain arms
  •     Ideal for ACDF procedures in the supine position

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Bone Foam Nextend Anterior Cervical Positioning System

The Nextend is specifically designed to properly position the patient during anterior cervical procedures.  Bone Foam utilizes state of the art foam technology and unique foam contours to ensure the patient will be in an optimal cervical spine position regardless of size. The Nextend Positioning System maintains the patient’s position to optimize exposure and to control the cervical anatomy during the procedure. Outdated, makeshift positioning methods and complex tape configurations require OR staff to memorize positioning preferences for each surgeon. The Nextend standardizes the process to make anterior cervical positioning more consistent and efficient.

Nextend Positioning Components

All displayed components including the Scapula Bolster, Leg Supports and Base Piece are included in the positioning system and are reusable. A Single Use Kit is offered for the disposable items: Shoulder Traction Strap, Arm Restraint Straps, Arm Padding, and Occipital Bolster.

  • Save valuable OR time with consistent and efficient positioning method for anterior cervical procedures
  • Improve visualization of lower cervical spine with integrated traction straps and padding
  • Eliminate the use of costly, unreliable towel bumps and unorganized tape configurations
  • The Single Use Kit helps streamline and organize the set up

Clinical Insights & Benefits

Positioning for spine surgery is critical for ideal operating conditions and operative site access. During spine surgery, patients are sometimes placed in positions that are not physiologic and can lead to complications such as perioperative peripheral nerve injuries. The Nextend positioner ensures patients are positioned safely and consistently throughout each case. 

Save Valuable OR Time

Current positioning strategies rely on multiple OR staff members positioning the patient with unreliable, bulky towel bumps, tape, blankets, and other linens. This often leads to inconsistencies between each case which can alter the position of anatomical landmarks and alignment. The Nextend is an efficient and consistent patient positioner that preserves valuable OR time and maximizes patient safety. 

Improve Accuracy and Efficiency of Imaging

Intraoperative images (xrays) are typically taken throughout each case to check anatomical alignments and to ensure the position of implants. One of the imaging challenges with cervical procedures is obtaining a satisfactory lateral image as the bony structures of the shoulder often impede on this image. The Nextend has an integrated “Y” strap that comfortably fits over the shoulders to provide intermittent traction during imaging. This improves the intraoperative visualization of the lower cervical spine and improves the accuracy of implant position. 

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