Bone Foam Acquires CR Enterprises’ Troop Elevation Pillow Product Line


Bone Foam Inc. Helps ICU Workers Manage Recent Surge Of COVID-19 Cases, Saves Lives

CORCORAN, MN (PRWEB), DECEMBER 7TH 2020: The recent surge of COVID-19 cases has pushed hospitals on the local and national scale to the brink of staffing and capacity crises. The resource intensiveness of treating COVID-19 patients is well documented, and with ICU numbers skyrocketing, so is the physical demand for those left on the front lines – this is especially true when “proning” patients.


20 Innovations in Spine to Know

BECKERS SPINE REVIEW, AUGUST 13TH 2020: The spine field is rapidly changing. Innovation in spinal surgery techniques, material and patient decision making have led to better outcomes. However, the next wave of disruptive technologies will need to provide clinical significance as well as cost-effectiveness.


A Simple Solution Can Help Save Lives for COVID-19 Patients

CORCORAN, MINN. (PRWEB) JULY 01, 2020 Prone positioning certainly has its challenges, but the benefits of lying prone in patients suffering from COVID-19 and ARDS may be lifesaving. New findings highlight that lying in the prone position improves lung function, respiratory mechanics, blood oxygenation, and ultimately, reduces mortality. Bone Foam Inc. develops a simple solution for positioning patients in the prone position.


Bone Foam Inc. Focuses on Provider Safety in the Dental Industry Amid COVID-19

CORCORAN, MINN. (PRWEB) MAY 18, 2020: Dentists and Dental Hygienists, have long since been some of the riskiest professions due to their exposure to disease and infection. Patient safety has always been the top priority, but improving the standards for protecting our dental providers and their equipment is equally important – now more than ever.


MyComfortMD and Bone Foam Partnership on Clinically-Proven Digital Chat Bot 

MINNEAPOLIS (PRWEB) MARCH 05, 2020: A breakthrough for Total Knee Replacement Recovery. MyComfortMD® and Bone Foam Inc. announced that it has released the innovative Clara text-based digital coach chatbot for patients scheduled to go through a total knee replacement surgery. Clara sends daily reminders, instructions, and inspiration directly to the patients’ phone using text messages.


Bone Foam Inc. Launches New Patient-Focused Brand: MyComfortMD

CORCORAN,MN SEPT. 16, 2019: We now have made it easier than ever for your patients to access Bone Foam Inc. rehab products. We have launched a brand new consumer facing brand called MyComfortMD that has it’s own dedicated website, along with an e-commerce store and resources on how to recover from surgery.


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