Lateral Spine Positioning


The Sideline Positioning System simplifies lateral positioning for all OR staff and improves surgical site access for lateral spine procedures. The Sideline allows all members of the OR staff to position patients in the lateral decubitus position with accuracy and consistency. The Sideline helps reduce OR costs by cutting down set-up time and eliminating the use of towels, blankets, pillows, and tape.

  • Consistent and repeatable patient positioning by all OR staff
  • Mitigate the risk of intraoperative injury with integrated padding and bolsters
  • Reduce set-up time by eliminating makeshift bumps and complex tape configurations
  • Improve access to the lateral flank with pelvic and traction straps
  • Ideal for LLIF, OLIF, XLIF, and DLIF procedures
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Bone Foam Sideline – Lateral Spine Positioning System

The Sideline is designed to accurately and safely position the patient in the lateral decubitus position during Lumbar Interbody Fusion spine procedures. The Sideline utilizes unique foam contours to ensure the lumbar spine is in the correct anatomical position for each case. The posterior aspect of the axillary and hip bolters cradle body and prevent the torso from rotating posteriorly. The Shark lateral positioner is a comfortable buttress against the anterior shoulder which prevents anterior rotation of the torso and provides access to the down arm vasculature throughout the case. The Sideline contains the Lateral Leg Bolster which allows the knees to comfortably bend and protects bony prominences of the lower extremities.

Legacy methods of positioning for Lumbar Interbody Fusion procedures include using complex tape configurations to apply traction on the pelvis. The Sideline utilizes disposable straps which are padded with skin friendly, highly resilient foam. The foam is covered with nanoGriptech® adhesion pads that provide superior grip during procedures. The nanoGriptech® adhesion pads are not tacky to the skin, yet have strong grip under shear forces, specifically during pelvic traction.

The pelvic strap is placed over the greater trochanter, and the traction straps are anchored to the distal aspect of the base. Once traction is applied, space is created between the iliac crest and lower rib cage providing more surgical access to the lateral flank.

  • Save OR time and supplies with disposable straps and padding
  • Stabilize torso with reusable hip and axillary bolsters
  • Hip strap has GeckoGrip® technology that withstands oily, wet conditions
  • Single Use Kit streamlines the set up

Clinical Insights + Benefits

The Sideline Positioning System is a tabletop positioner that is designed to be used in place of the standard tabletop padding. The Sideline is comprised of multiple foam layers that help stabilize the patient in the lateral decubitus position. The superficial memory foam conforms to the patient and helps mitigate the risk of skin and soft tissue injuries during long procedures.  Lateral Interbody Fusion spine procedures require anatomical landmarks to be accurately positioned for each case.  The Sideline makes it easy to control rotation of the torso and helps manipulate the pelvis while in the lateral decubitus position.

  • Improve set-up efficiency by simplifying the lateral decubitus positioning process
  • Save valuable OR time by eliminating complex tape configurations with disposable strap padding
  • Enhance patient safety and stability


Improve Efficiency of Set-Up and Patient Positioning

Positioning patients in the lateral decubitus position typically requires a combination of makeshift towel bumps, blankets, pillows, IV bags, tape, and other padding. The Sideline simplifies this process for all OR staff members by utilizing contoured foam layers to help stabilize the patient. The hip and axillary bolsters are positioned over anatomical landmarks which makes accurate positioning efficient and repeatable.

Save Valuable OR Time

Using tape to help pull traction on the pelvis is a time consuming and potentially dangerous practice in the OR. Each surgeon may have specific tape configuration they use depending on the type of surgery. This is a complex process that wastes the valuable time of the surgeon and OR staff. The Sideline’s disposable straps and skin friendly padding is a more efficient and safe way to achieve the traction and stability needed for each procedure.

Enhance Patient Safety

The Sideline tabletop system is designed to protect skin and neurovascular bundles of the patient, but also to provide a stable operative surface for the surgeon. The memory foam comfortably cradles the patient while the Shark and Lateral Leg Bolster position and protect the bony prominences of the extremities. The nanoGriptech® technology used on our foam pads mitigates the risk of tape burn or skin irritation during long procedures. The disposable nature of the patient facing components helps reduce the risk of cross contamination between cases.