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The importance of patient positioning extends beyond the operative setting. Effective positioning during rehabilitation is crucial for achieving optimal outcomes, quality sleep, and maximal comfort.

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BoneFoam Rehabilitation Solutions

Zero Degree Knee

The Zero Degree Knee is designed by surgeons to support in-home rehabilitation to achieve optimal knee extension following a total knee replacement, arthroscopic knee surgery or ACL surgery. The bottom surface is designed to slide and supports active leg extension.

Knee Buddy Extender®

The Knee Buddy Extender is a surgeon-designed, 2-in-1 pillow that cradles the leg, knee, and foot for extension and elevation that is essential for preparation before surgery as well as recovery in your home after knee surgery.

Edema Reduction Leg Elevator (ERLE)

Ideal for patients with leg swelling after trauma or lower extremity surgical procedures. Designed by surgeons, this leg elevator will raise your leg about 40 degrees and is ideal for reducing the pressure in the leg without adding pressure on the femoral vein.