Eliminate inconsistent tape configurations with a reproducible method for XLIF positioning

Save OR time with an efficient and repeatable method for lateral patient positioning.

  • Mitigate risk of intraoperative injury with soft, medical grade memory foam
  • Enhance surgical site exposure with the integrated traction straps
  • Simple for all OR staff members to master
  • Create a stable operating surface with low profile design

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Lateral Spine Positioning - Sideline Lateral Spine Positioning System
Lateral Spine Positioning - Single Use Kit (Box of 5)
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Safe Method of Lateral Positioning
Safety is at the forefront of the design, with memory foam pads, and the medical grade padding that lines our straps, these straps perform better than tape in oily and wet conditions.
Reduce OR Costs
An effective method of patient positioning reduces set-up time. Eliminates the use of excessive sterilized laundry and tape.
Improve Surgical Access
With the pelvic traction straps, traction can be applied to increase surgical access to the lateral flank.
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