Bone Foam Patient Care

Maintains optimal post-operative knee extension. The Zero Degree Knee prevents internal and external rotation of the foot and consistently allows for full extension of the knee.

Provides our most basic option for post-operative leg elevation. It is made out of durable, open-cell foam to comfortably cradle the leg. It provides elevation above the heart for proper blood circulation and edema control. Ideal for patients with leg casts, post-trauma, or lower extremity surgical procedures.

Designed to relieve pressure on sensitive areas while sitting down. Our high quality memory foam, along with the circular design, evenly distributes weight to relieve the pressure on the tailbone.

Provides our most comfortable option for post-operative leg elevation. The center is made out of memory foam to comfortably cradle the leg while the outside is made of dense foam to offer stability.

Provides simultaneous right and left leg elevation. It may be beneficial for patients who suffer from swollen legs and feet due to venous insufficiency.