Upper Extremity Block

Upper Extremity Block

The Large and Small Upper Extremity Block comfortably and safely positions the patient’s arms for numerous upper extremity cases. The Upper Extremity Blocks are often used for fractures of the distal humerus, olecranon, and complex elbow fractures. The Upper Extremity Blocks are ideal for positioning the arms in a comfortable position during lower extremity procedures that utilize the lateral decubitus position. 

  • Consistent and accurate patient positioning by all OR staff members
  • Ideal for fractures of the distal humerus, olecranon, complex elbow fractures and dislocations
  • Multiple designs and sizing options to optimize positioning for adult, pediatric, and lateral procedures
  • All Blocks are radiolucent and isolate the operative extremity above the contralateral arm to provide clearance for intraoperative C-Arm imaging
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Bone Foam Upper Extremity Block

The family of Upper Extremity Blocks are designed to provide a strong, yet comfortable bolster to hold the arm in a safe position during upper and lower extremity procedures. This makes it easy for all OR staff to master the challenging task of positioning the patient in the ideal lateral position each time.  One of the challenges of positioning patients for surgery, is ensuring that anatomical landmarks are consistent from case to case. We have partnered with orthopedic surgeons to design each piece, and have ensured the precise angles and measurements are ideal for each surgery. 

The Upper Extremity Block is composed of a dense foam that allows the surgeon to use the block to assist with reduction of fractures; it also provides a large and stable operating surface for fixation. The blocks can be used as positioner for the arms when any lower extremity procedure utilizes the lateral position. They are covered with a protective vinyl coating that makes it easy to disinfect for repeated use. The Upper Extremity block is lightweight, easy to store, and can be used with all lateral procedures. 


Upper Extremity Block
  • Cut out for patient airway
  • Off set for down arm, easy access for IVs
  • Conveniently placed on 2 arm boards

Clinical Insights and Benefits 

The Blocks have a cut-out along the base of the block so it fits easily over the down arm. This makes it easy to protect and access the IV’s and leads for anesthesia. The Upper extremity block fits nicely over two arm boards, or a single hand table. The blocks also have specialized design that allows clearance for airway tubes and oral leads from anesthesia. 

During ORIF of the distal humerus the density of the foam provides the optimal surface to help reduce the fracture. When fixing the fracture with screws, the Upper Extremity Block is stable and safe and won’t over-compress when force is applied. 

Our patient positioning solutions are a robust way to transform the positioning patients for each case.  We have partnered with orthopedic surgeons to design each piece, and you can use blocks for both upper and lower extremity procedures. They come in multiple sizes as well as pediatric models. 

  • Radiolucent for easy imaging and reduces radiographic artifact
  • Stable and strong base and surface to help with reduction of fractures
  • Can be used to comfortably position the arms for both upper and lower extremity cases. Easy for all OR staff to consistently position patient 
  • Easy to clean, disinfect, and store for multiple uses 


Radiolucent for easy imaging

Our foam is radiolucent and does not leave artifact during imaging.  Using Bone Foam positioning systems, imaging is no longer complicated or hard to achieve.  Our radiolucent foam keeps the down arm off-set from the operative limb to achieve a clear final image.

Save valuable OR time

Using a consistent and effective method of positioning can save you valuable minutes in the OR.  Bundling, stacking and positioning towels can be burdensome and extremely repetitive when preparing for a case.  By using the Upper Extremity Block positioning system that has precise angles and measurements instead of towel bundles or other makeshift methods, you can save valuable minutes per case, resulting in more cases a week, and annually. The Upper Extremity blocks makes it easy to achieve a consistent and comfortable position for the upper extremities during any procedure in the lateral position.

Medical grade materials for prolonged use

The density of the Upper Extremity Block foam provides an optimal resistance to help reduce fractures of the upper extremity. The unique design protects the down arm and provides easy access to IV’s and the airway for anesthesia. The vinyl coating makes the Upper Extremity Blocks makes it easy to wipe down with disinfectant spray for repetitive use, similar to how the table is cleaned after a procedure.


Upper Extremity Block

Review patient positioning options that comfortably position patients with our upper extremity block and wedge products.
The upper extremity block helps to reduce and hold reduction through surgery.