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The RAD Ramp is a portable 2-in-1 positioning device designed to elevate the lower extremity during surgery and imaging.

Elevation During Lower Extremity Surgeries

Elevation and X-Ray Cassette Stabilizer During Imaging


Allows OR staff and radiology to position a lower extremity for a better X-ray view while standing outside the field of radiation.

Less Radiation

The RAD Ramp elevates operative leg above contralateral leg for a clear shot.

Position leg on the RAD Ramp, secure the ankle or foot for accurate placement, and drop the X-ray cassette in the side pocket to maintain a steady upright image.


The Gully

The Ramp

The Ramp Prone Positioner

Leg Tunnel 2


Lower Wedges

Knee Bolster


Zero Degree Knee

Upper Wedge

Upper Block

Distal Radius

Cozy Josey Pads

Extremity Holder

Cylindrical Bumps

Lateral Wedge

Leg Cradle

Axillary Cradle

The P3

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