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  • 2-in-1 elevation and extension concept designed to simplify rehab at home for patients.
  • Decreases lower extremity swelling after surgery.
  • Elevates the heel to create adequate free space posterior to the knee to allow for full knee extension.
  • Prevents external rotation of the foot, thus eliminating the associated flexion at the knee.
  • Aids patient with in-home physical therapy.
  • Provides faster rehabilitation, thus potentially reducing pain medication.

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The Gully

The Ramp

The Ramp Prone Positioner

Leg Tunnel 2


Lower Wedges

Knee Bolster


Zero Degree Knee

Upper Wedge

Upper Block

Distal Radius

Cozy Josey Pads

Extremity Holder

Cylindrical Bumps

Lateral Wedge

Leg Cradle

Axillary Cradle

The P3

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