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Mayo Band

The Mayo Band is a new device that is transforming the use and functionality of the Mayo stand. The Mayo Band is a soft and stable top cushion for the Mayo stand that is utilized by surgeons across specialties to fulfill their positioning needs. No need to pad the Mayo stand with a combination of blankets and linens; Mayo Band is a radiolucent cushion that can be used as an operating surface or protective padded surface for patient positioning. 

  •  Multi-density foam where the base is a rigid to provide a stable operating surface
  • Top layer is a memory foam providing a comfortable and safe surface for patient positioning that helps avoid skin or nerve damage
  •  Perfect for positioning the lower extremity during hip arthroplasty and ORIF of the hip/pelvis
  • Ideal operating surface for hand and wrist procedures
  •  Radiolucent and can be used without Mayo stand tray to take clear and consistent C-arm images

Sterile bags available for a simple set up.

3 Sizes available to fit all mayo stands:

    • Mayo Band Small fits mayo stand trays that measure 12”x19” up to 13”x19.625”
    • Mayo Band Regular fits mayo stand trays that measure 16”x21” up to 16.75”x21.5”
    • Mayo Band Large fits mayo stand trays that measure 20”x25”

Note: Mayo Stand not included.

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Bone Foam Mayo Band

The Mayo stand is an essential piece of equipment in the operating room used throughout the world due to its mobility and versatility. The Mayo Band cushion provides a soft, safe, and stable surface for small procedures of the wrist and hand as well as a positioning platform for the lower extremity during larger cases. The Mayo Band can be used without the tray of the Mayo stand as the base is a cross linked polyethylene foam to provide rigidity, while the surface is memory foam which is soft and safe for patient positioning. 


  • Designed with the “speed bump” to hold instruments
  • 3 sizes available to fit any mayo stand
  • Protects extremities from excess pressure

Clinical Insights and Benefits 

During ORIF of hip fractures, the soft Mayo Band is used to position the operative leg in an extended position to improve the exposure to the fracture site. Similarly, while the patient is in the lateral decubitus position during a posterior approach total hip arthroplasty, the Mayo Band cushion provides a soft and safe platform to position the operative leg while reducing risk of injury to the patient during the process.

The Mayo Band is covered with a protective vinyl coating that makes it easy to disinfect for repeated use. The Mayo Band is lightweight, easy to store, and can be used with Bone Foam custom sterile bags

  • Radiolucent for easy imaging and can be used without Mayo stand tray
  • Soft and stable surface for positioning of both upper and lower extremities during surgery
  • Multi-use and mobile operating surface that is easy to sterilize for repeated use

Radiolucent for easy imaging

Our foam is radiolucent and does not leave artifact during imaging.  The Mayo Band is composed of multi-density foams where the surface is a comfortable memory foam and the base is a cross linked foam which provides optimal rigidity even without the tray. 

Saves valuable OR time

Using a consistent and effective method of positioning can save you valuable minutes in the OR.  The Mayo Band can be utilized for small procedures such as carpal tunnel surgery, trigger finger release, and Dupuytren’s contracture release. It can also be used as an arm board extension with a regular operating table. The Mayo Band is an optimal mobile positioning surface for the lower extremity while in the lateral position for posterior hip arthroplasty. Similarly, the Mayo Band is ideal for positioning the lower extremity during ORIF of hip and acetabular fractures and provides intermittent hip flexion, extension, and abduction.

Medical grade materials for prolonged use

The Mayo Band composed of a coated, multi-density foam that is soft and safe for the patient. This greatly reduces the risk of pressure sores and injuries related to improper positioning and the use of tape, towels, and linens. The vinyl coating makes the Mayo Band easy to wipe down with disinfectant spray for repetitive use, similar to how the table is cleaned after a procedure. There are also specialized Bone Foam Sterile Bags available for this product.