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Nextend for Anterior Cervical Procedures

The Nextend positioning system is an innovative positioner that ensures optimal cervical spine position regardless of size.

  • Consistent and repeatable patient positioning
  • Lower likelihood of injury by protecting soft tissues with integrated padding
  • Ensures accurate positioning by all OR staff and eliminates the need for complex tape configurations
  • Improve intraoperative visualization of the lower cervical spine with traction straps

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Anterior Cervical Positioning System - Nextend - Anterior Cervical Positioning System
Anterior Cervical Positioning System - Single Use Kit - Disposable (Box of 5)
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Nextend Positioning Components

All displayed components including the Scapula Bolster, Leg Supports and Base Piece are included in the positioning system and are reusable. A Single Use Kit is offered for the disposable items: Shoulder Traction Strap, Arm Restraint Straps, Arm Padding, and Occipital Bolster.

Increase OR Efficiency
Save valuable OR time by eliminating inefficient positioning methods like bulky towel bumps and complex tape configurations
Reduce the risk of intraoperative injury to skin and neurovascular bundles with integrated strap padding
Improve Visualization
Improve intraoperative visualization of lower cervical spine with adjustable traction straps
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