When comparing the cost of various surgical positioning options, evaluation of the financial impact is a significant consideration in addition to the ultimate goal of providing the best possible clinical care to patients. In many cases, hospitals and surgical centers have long used inefficient methods of supporting patients during surgery ranging from towels to pillows. However, there is variance and a lack of consistency and a significant amount of staff time involved in prepping for surgery, seeking to position the patient appropriately, along with the ongoing cost of laundering towels and linens.

The most significant cost associated with any surgical procedure is the time in the operating room (OR) for staff. Based on A Study of Time-Dependent Operating Room Fees and How to save $100 000 by Using Time-Saving Products1, the findings revealed an average of $62 per minute (rounded to the closest dollar) for the hospital operating room fee.

When evaluating the potential cost savings of efficient patient positioning, the time saved between surgical procedures can be significant. If a reduction of 15 minutes is achieved in the process of OR setup for each surgery, that added time represents over a $500 savings in time per procedure and allows a surgeon the opportunity to spend additional time with other patients or complete a higher number of surgeries throughout the year. In addition, laundering and sterilizing towels used for positioning can average $20 per procedure and added staff/wages time.

The combined cost savings of simply reducing 15 minutes per surgery can equate to fitting in at least one extra procedure per week, per surgeon which can represent hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue over the course of a year.

While the investment in high-quality patient positioners includes an up-front cost, Bone Foam positioners are durable, easy-to-clean and provide patients with a stable positioner for surgical or post-op positioning.

1 Shippert R., American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery Volume: 22 issue: 1, page(s): 25-34 Issue published: March 1, 2005

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