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Hip & Knee Innovations

Effective & Reproducible Patient Positioning Solutions for Hip & Knee Surgeons

Faster, more efficient patient positioning can be easy to achieve with our patient positioners that are designed around each specific case and approach.

Hippy is a Direct Anterior Hip Positioning system that can be used on any operative table. It can be adjusted for each surgeon’s specific technique, increases surgical access to the acetabulum, and reduces OR costs with a post-less design.

Mayo Band is a cushion that is placed on top of the Mayo stand that transforms the hard surface into a soft, stable, and mobile positioning platform that is ideal for anterior or posterior hip procedures.

Zero Degree Knee Has helped over 125,000 patients nationwide recover faster with lower risk of post-op complications by maintaining optimal postoperative knee extension.

The Shark Makes positioning during lateral hip arthroplasty more efficient and safe by stabilizing the torso and upper extremities.

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Bone Foam - Zero Degree Knee - Box of 12
Bone Foam - Hippy Direct Anterior Hip Positioner
Bone Foam - Mayo Band - Small
Bone Foam - Mayo Band - Regular
Bone Foam - Mayo Band - Large
Bone Foam - Shark
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“Preparation is faster and safer, and the entire case is more reproducible using The Hippy”
Andrew Battenberg, MD, Kaiser Permanente, Vacaville, CA
Simplifies positioning the patient, making set up time become more efficient, saving precious OR time for each case.
Effortlessly achieve an accurate & stable operating surface that is easy to repeat for each case.
Protects the patient’s soft tissue from pressure injury.
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