What our customers are saying
about our perioperative positioners.

Zero Degree Knee:

“I am a PTA for a several home care agencies and hospitals. A doctor began prescribing the Zero Degree Knee for several of my patients and I couldn’t believe how well the foam pad helped improve extension on the patients. This foam has greatly decreased time to get full extension in a comfortable position, while maintaining a vertical foot position. I am extremely pleased with this product! I would recommend this to every therapist having trouble getting zero degrees of knee extension. This is a great product that really works.”

“The Zero Degree Knee was good to use for 20 minutes at a time to relax and obtain full extension.”


“The Leg Elevator was great and was comfortable at the angle. I would recommend this leg elevator for everyone.”

Upper Extremity Wedges:

“The upper extremity pieces have an offset down are tunnel that makes it perfect for C-Arm imaging.”

Upper Extremity Block:

“The upper extremity block helps me to reduce and hold reduction throughout the surgery.”

Leg Tunnel:

“I like the leg tunnel because it creates a stable, flat predictable surface on which to work, with plenty of mobility for imaging away from the down leg.”

The Ramp (Leg Elevator):

“The leg elevator helps me save time by positioning and stabilizing the operative leg above the nonoperative leg so lateral C-Arm Imaging is consistent and fast.”


“The PROP is great! It creates a stable, flat, predictable surface on which to lay the patient. It also has pleanty of space and mobility or imaging and surgery.”

Knee Wedges:

“I like the forgiveness of the foam in the acute knee wedge. It cradles the knee to give the leg more stability when inserting a tibial nail.”


“The Bone Foam cylinders help me quickly bump and prop any extremity.”