Achieving a sterile process
with our perioperative positioners.
Directions for Sterile Usage:
  • Device is not sterile. New sterile bag or drape is required for every procedure.
  • Device may be cleaned using standard cleaning solutions and methods. Standard cleaning does not impart adequate sterility.
  • Device must be disposed of should its outer coating become breeched in any way.
Also available are Sterile Bags for certain pieces:
  • For all Wedge Positioners we recommend using
    •  Accute Wedges
      • 925.AAKWSSB – Small Sterile Bag: Used for 925.AAKWS
      • 925.AAKWMSB – Medium Sterile Bag: Used for 925.AAKWM
      • 925.AAKWLSB –  Large Sterile Bag: Used for 925.AAKWL
    •  Obtuse Wedges
      • 925.OAKWSSB – Small Sterile Bag: Used for 925.OAKWS
      • 925.OAKWLSB – Large Sterile Bag: Used for 925.OAKWL
  • For The Ramp (Leg Elevator) we recommend using ¾ drape
    • 925.TRSB –  Sterile Bag: Used for 925.TR
    • 925.TRPPSB – Prone Positioner Sterile Bag: Used for 925.TRPP
    • 925.PTRSB used for 925.PTR
    • 925.SCTRSB used for 925.SCTR
  • For the Leg Tunnels we recommend using ¾ drape
  • For Upper Extremity Positioners we recommend using ¾ drapes or other OR drapes
  • For all Cylindrical Bumps we recommend using 925.SBCB