Shoulder Stander

The Shoulder Stander is an innovative yoga prop designed to reduce cervical spine flexion and pressure during yoga shoulder stand.

  • It allows for a more comfortable and ergonomic practice of shoulder stand.
  • It supports the weight of the body comfortably on the shoulders and elbows while allowing space for your cervical spine (your neck) to rest in a more free, less flexed position.
  • It has an innovative shape such that the weight of the body is concentrated on the shoulders, while the head and neck fit into a cutout area. As a result, there is less flexion of the cervical spine and a smooth curve.
  • The Shoulder Stander is for yoga practitioners who want to practice this beneficial inversion in an ergonomic and comfortable manner.
  • The Shoulder Stander is for yoga studios and teachers that want to bring back the shoulder stand and teach the pose with confidence again.
  • The Shoulder Stander is made in the U.S.A. using patented technology and the highest quality medical grade materials. It is non-porous and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
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