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Now available, the Gully is revolutionizing how irrigation and debridement procedures are done in the operating room.
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Lower Extremity Positioners

The Bone Foam family of lower extremity operating room patient positioners aid in positioning the patient in the supine, prone and lateral position during surgery. Bone Foam positioners provide improved patient stability, comfort and operative consistency.

Post-Op Positioners

Upper Extremity Positioners

The Bone Foam family of upper extremity pieces creates a consistent surgical working surface while helping stabilize the patient’s arms in a lateral position. The upper extremity pieces are designed with off-set down arm tunnels, which aids in C-arm imaging to help create a faster, safer surgery.

Other Positioners

The rapidly expanding family of Bone Foam patient positioning devices has application within a wide variety of surgical scenarios. All of our pieces are designed with the patient’s comfort in mind as well as the clinical effectiveness for the OR team.